A downloadable disasterous RPG

First of in the series Threshold: the Beginning is in the works; this time with a larger team and a stronger story line and a much more solid gameplay.

Game Features:
-> Choose from 3 different classes with unique abilities, traits.
-> Explore the world through the eyes of an early victim of a chain of the plague and the disasters that follow the threshold.
-> Collect loot, expand your abilities and increase your character's level and power.
-> Progress through dozens of stages of regular, double, triple and customized boss fights, unravel the mysteries that lie beneath the realm.
-> Watch the credits roll, and thank us for our work.

Special Thanks:

Tom Feldmann (Toku2D) for the cover artwork
Psychicstudios for their collaboration

Published Mar 23, 2016
StatusOn hold
GenreRole Playing
Tags2D, Dark Fantasy, disaster, Horror, Sci-fi, turn-based-rpg
Average sessionDays or more
LanguagesEnglish, Turkish
AccessibilityOne button
MultiplayerAd-hoc networked multiplayer


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Interesting stuff, pretty unique.